Alec Baldwin Wants To Quit Acting

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Alec Baldwin has stated that he wants to quit acting. The former ‘30 rock’ star said that he would happily ditch his acting career if he had the chance and also vowed that he will never return to twitter. The actor also deleted his twitter profile last week after he was forced to apologize for posting rude comments about a journalist who had accused the actor and his wife wrongly at the funeral of James Gandolfini that features homophobic slurs.

Hilaria Thomas, wife of Alec is pregnant with their first daughter and the 55 year old actor stated that they never tweeted anything about the funeral when speaking to the Vanity Fair magazine. He said that when he went to the funeral, he realized that jimmy did not have an account with twitter. He also said that Jimmy was a lovely person whom he admired for his acting skills and he didn’t care much about the social media.

Alec Baldwin
Alec also said that he realized during the funeral that using social media is a real waste of time even though it’s fun some times. He also added that he is going to stop all this so that he doesn’t have to face it anymore.

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