Brad Pitt to Drive an Army Tank for His WWII Movie, Fury

admin1 July 25, 2013 Comments Off on Brad Pitt to Drive an Army Tank for His WWII Movie, Fury

Brad Pitt stars as a US soldier who is on a mission at the lines of the enemy in the World War Two drama Fury.

This role requires him to drive a tank and the producers have charted out training sessions for Brad and other co stars of the film in Wiltshire and Germany. This is to make the battle scenes of this film more realistic. Sources reveal that the boot camps would involve hardcore physical exercise and advanced training for tank driving.


So now everyone would make way for Brad Pitt as he is under training for his new role that involves driving a tank. Steven Spielberg also had a similar one for his film, Saving Private Ryan.

This is because while driving the tank, the actors felt that they were real soldiers. The latest war flick of Brad Pitt is expected to be released next year. This film is directed by David Ayer and has Shia Labeouf as the co star. A part of this film would be shot at Greenham Common, the popular spot of peace camps outside the US airbase in the eighties.

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