George Clooney Loves to Play Awful Pranks on His Co-stars

admin November 12, 2013 Comments Off on George Clooney Loves to Play Awful Pranks on His Co-stars

George Clooney can get very playful in the sets and can pull funny yet cruel pranks on his co-stars.

The Oscar winner surprised everyone when he revealed his favorite prank that he loves to play on others. He said he enjoys replacing the clothes in their wardrobes when actors are trying to lose some weight to look good.


He said that it made him laugh when people ate a grape the next day and continue to do it for many weeks. The actor told this when he attended the BAFTA at Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards where he received the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film.

He received the BAFTA Award from Julia Roberts, who said that she had two reasons why she presented the award. One was because Brad Pitt was no in the town and second, Matt Damon is not available at the moment.

She also added that George was a good friend of her and that they have worked together in many films. She also added that he was her director, producer and co-star and he is extremely gifted in all capabilities. She also added that he is a handsome, talented humanitarian and a prankster.

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