Kutcher-Mila PDA During Royal Outing

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The love-bug has bitten Ashton Kutcher heavily these days as one can see from the photos revealed recently. Not only is Kutcher staying in London while girlfriend Mila Kunis shoots there for her next film Jupiter Ascending, but he is failing to keep his hands of her even when they are in full public display. But the couples are not alone.

Kutcher Mila

The Hollywood couples are hanging out a lot these days with Princess Beatrice and her partner, Dave Clark. Beatrice and Dave were already in France holidaying and as it appears, they might have invited the actor-couple to join them. Mila is here since April, with the couple joining Dave for dinner at the Turkish restaurant, Ozer last Wednesday.

Dave met Ashton last year when the actor booked a seat on Virgin Atlantic. Dave is the head of the astronaut relations there. It was reported that ever since Kutcher became the 500th traveler of the Virgin Galactic, both have become friends since then.

As one might say, the friendship is not at all superficial, with things really going on well between them. Beatrice was introduced by Dave to Kutcher and the Two and a Half Men star, on his part, introduced Mila to them.

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