Matt Damon on Media Frenzy Over Brad Pitt

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Matt Damon has expressed his concerns over the media scrutiny that Brad Pitt is under in the recent times.

Matt Damon said to Esquire that he feels he is not getting lot of media attention when compared to Brad Pitt as he was not married to an actress. Entertainment Tonight quotes that Damon said that when you can’t control the celebrity side of a celebrity then it’s worth the effort.

U.S. cast members Damon and Pitt arrive at screening of their new movie 'Ocean's Twelve' in Berlin.

He also said that he has looked to Brad for many years and he was amazed at his intensity that he shows at his another side.

The insane aggression level displayed by the paparazzi, their compelling nature to get what they want, their interest to invade in his privacy and others measures they undertake leaves him wondering about the trade.

Damon also said that he remembers telling Brad that he would take his kids to school and he was shocked and said that he can’t do that as the media would follow him there too.

Damon also said he considered himself lucky as he loved a civilian instead of an actress comparing him to Brad and Angelina. This way he said, there is no story for the reporters to say about him as he cannot give them anything.

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