Russell Brand Goes Karmic Way

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Russell Brand was not a teacher’s pet while at school as he was asked to do the lines or faced many hours of detention. But now, things have taken a new turn. The comedian and actor is now teaching tantric meditation at his yoga studio located at the West Hollywood.

Russell Brand is one of the students along with Demi Moore to lead classes on tantric meditation after attending classes about these exercises. These sessions are intense which might last longer even for seven hours with only short breaks of few minutes in between. This is a ritual that helps people to clear off their past karmas, reveal their toxic emotions and have an enjoyable life in future.

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Russell Brand and Demi Moore have taken these master classes on tantric meditation which qualifies them to teach these classes which are usually sessions that have 40 people attending them.

Sources reveal that the yoga studio of Russell features many advanced classes and the comedian has reached a stage that makes him much experienced in some areas which qualifies him to lead the classes of tantric meditation. Well, this is not the first time that someone spoke highly of Russell.

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