Amanda Bynes Tweets on the “Most Gorgeous Man” on Her Mind

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As confessions continue on Twitter, Amanda Bynes has put aside all her online disputes and legal battles in order just to confess what is on her mind, rather who is on her mind!

The 27 year old Bynes tweeted on June 4, Tuesday, that the “most gorgeous man” is Liam Helmsworth, 23, “other than Tanz Watson”. Yes! Bynes, though has misspelled the last name of the Australian hunk, that is Hemsworth in actuality, has been honest in revealing her heart and mind.

Amanda Bynes

And for that matter, both her “gorgeous” men have been seen with Miley Cyrus, the former child star. Hemsworth could be spotted on and off with Miley since 2009, while Watson, an actor-model, was with Miley in the movie LOL in 2000.

As it is that Miley and Hemsworth have not been spotted together long since, it is not much unlikely that Bynes should seize the opportunity, and it is certainly not the first time when she gets close to Hemsworth.

Bynes was spotted being cuddled by the Hunger Games actor when the latter was in a break phase with Miley, back in 2011, in West Hollywood, at the Trousdale Club.

While there has been no response from Miley, so far, on the advances of Bynes toward Hemsworth, the latter has joined Twitter for the first time on Wednesday, quite coincidentally!

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