Celebrities and Their Fitness Trainers Who Became BFF

admin May 3, 2013 Comments Off on Celebrities and Their Fitness Trainers Who Became BFF

Jennifer Aniston and her Yoga trainer, Mandy Ingber, are not the only two in the glamour industry who have befriended each other well beyond professional ties. Fitness trainers spend such long time with their celebrity clients that they quite naturally get involved in other matters of their lives.

JenAn reportedly said that Ingber started to train future-wife of Justin Theroux but is not less than a best-friend-forever now. Aniston further mentioned how Ingber helped her tone her legs, which were the ugliest part of her body to her then, such that she loves them now.

Jennifer Aniston

Similar is the case of Gwyneth Paltrow, who trains under the supervision of Tracy Anderson. Tracy admits that she considers her profession first under every circumstance but finds it tough to keep her involvement with her client limited to just that. They are in such good terms with each others that even a joint business venture can be on the cards.

Kim Kardashian, who trusts few for her body, has entrusted her pregnant tummy to Kris Humphries. Jillian Michaels openly defended Melissa McCarthy against Reed’s criticism regarding the latter’s weight. All that exemplifies in the best way how much close celebrities get to their fitness instructors.

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