Chastain Won’t be Marrying an Actor

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Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain recently announced that she would never marry a fellow actor, as she considers saving her “drama” only for the big-screen.

Chastain, who is currently seeing Gian Luca Passi, the fashion executive, laughed at the very idea of discussing auditions, workshops and others, with her husband after getting back home in the evening, as it would be quite boring.

The 36yr old star nowadays is a regular fixture, starring in a number of Hollywood movies in the last couple of years, including “Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Help” and “The Tree of Life”.

Jessica Chastain

She’s afraid that people will get tired of her, but considers herself to be a living proof of the Hollywood saying that one has to wait for 10 years before getting an overnight success.

According to her, she never believed that she would be successful in the film industry, as casting directors used to face problems with her red hair. She didn’t used to look modern and was only offered roles of unhinged characters.

She gives credit to legendary actor Al Pacino for giving her the all-important break she needed. She added that it was back in 2006 when Pacino offered her a role to star in his directorial venture “Wilde Salome” and it was he who helped her to love the film-camera.

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