Drew Barrymore Gets the Blonde Look Again

admin May 1, 2013 Comments Off on Drew Barrymore Gets the Blonde Look Again

Drew Barrymore has again changed her look and she is back to the Blonde look that she had earlier. She was seen in a lightened look with a light brown hair.

She was seen rocking some lighter locks and the light brown lighter look was bringing her close to her old look. It is not clear whether this look is for a specific movie or just for a change.

Drew Barrymore

This look has surely surprised her fans and is not an easy feat. Stylist and colorist Tracy Cunningham has helped out Drew for this new look and she had laid down this foundation last week.

Drew Barrymore had been spotted in some salon near West Hollywood where she got this look completed. She spent more than five hours in the salon to get this transformation done. But the vivacious and bubbly personality of Drew Barrymore seems to be going fine with this Blonde look.

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