Eza Herzigova Becomes Mother to Her Third Son, Edward

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Eza Herzigova yet again welcomes a baby boy! Yes, she is now the mother of a third son with Gregorio Marsiaj, whom she had been dating for long. The news has been confirmed to the US Weekly by the rep of this forty year old Czech model.

The duo, Gregorio Marsiaj and Eza Herzigova, have decided upon the name Edward for their third son. Edward has his senior siblings – George of five and Philipe of two – born of the same parents.

Eva Herzigova

The blonde model has expressed her views on motherhood as something that she finds immensely pleasing. The Czech model has been quoted by Daily Mail as saying that she finds being a mother a “hard job”, which, at the same time, gives her the “best” feeling in the world. This blonde Beauty is happy saying that every day brings something new for her, in the same context.

After Herzigova became mother to her first child, George, she had told the Elle Magazine that she gets the least help in managing both family and work.

The model had also admitted that though she did not want to hire a nanny for her child in the beginning, later on she felt a pressing need to hire one. She had justified her views of continuing with her career despite a son, who, her changed thought says, should be looked after by a nanny.

This is because she considered her continuing with her career would bring positivity into the relationship.

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