Halle Berry on James Bond Scene

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Halle Berry has revealed that the director of the James Bond movie Lee Tamahori felt that she was not sexy enough and that he had to film the popular scene many times until he was happy.

The actor, who won an Oscar, might have been voted as the ‘sexiest woman in the world’ but she was criticised when she walked out of the waves for the popular beach scene in the movie Die Another Day where she appears in a bikini.

Halle Berry

The American actor revealed that when she walked out of the beach for the scene, the director Lee Tamahori kept shouting at her to try harder as he wanted her to be sexier. The 20th film of James Bond series that featured Pierce Brosnan and Irish actor and Halle Berry had the popular scene of Halle Berry walking out of the beach in a sexy bikini in orange shade, which was highly praised by many.

However, the dusky actress said that she was left confused during the shoot of the iconic scene as there were too many instructions. She also said that she said the director that she would get a hip replacement procedure if she tried to make any more sexy moves.

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