Homeland Actress Morena Baccarin Pregnant

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Morena Baccarin confirmed her being pregnant with her husband of two years Austin Chick.

The thirty three year old actress plays the role of a frustrated wife Jessica in the Homeland series. The actress is bearing her first baby with her director-writer husband whom she married in 2011 November.

The veteran television actress had dated the forty one year old Austin for four years before their marriage.

Morena Baccarin

The actress revealed her secrets of keeping the long distance relationship going in by saying that she had to “talk… a lot” that “guys love”. She expressed her views on keeping long distance relationships working as she talked to Daily Mail in the year 2012.

The actress also spoke about how people need to check in what is going on at the other end, failing which people “miss things” and it becomes tougher to “go back” to “connect the dots”.

Here on-screen experience as a mother to Morgan Saylor should be helpful to the actress as a mommy in real life.

Morena Baccarin is presently engaged in shooting for the 3rd season of Homeland.

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