Kristen Stewart Enrols At University College Los Angeles

admin August 13, 2013 Comments Off on Kristen Stewart Enrols At University College Los Angeles

It looks like the Twilight star Kristen Stewart is heading back to school as the actress has enrolled at the University College Los Angeles.

Kristen wants to show her brainy side rather than her pretty side as she hopes to do a full degree. The 23-year-old actress plans to complete her education while juggling it alongside her film career. This girl friend of Robert Pattison has enrolled at the popular UCLA to study English literature.

Kristen Stewart

This means that the pretty actress who is currently involved in the war movie Camp X-Ray, will be one among the hard working actresses. Sources close to her said that she is keen about her future after the film life despite being a Tinseltown actress who is worth millions.

They also said that the actress wanted to complete her education as she did not have a proper education earlier. In addition, the sources said that Kristen has great interests in reading and is waiting impatiently for her correspondence studies to begin. Though it is not easy to handle two tasks at once, Kirsten would be able to choose what she wants either inside or outside Hollywood.

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