Lindsay Lohan “Freaking Out” and Wants to Be Out of the Rehab

admin May 13, 2013 Comments Off on Lindsay Lohan “Freaking Out” and Wants to Be Out of the Rehab

Lindsay Lohan stands at the risk of being jailed if she moves out of Betty Ford Center before time. The doctors at the rehabilitation center located at Rancho Mirage have barred the twenty six year old actress from taking Adderall.

It is a medication that treats narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Lohan has been “freaking out” since sometime while she threatens to leave the rehab.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress is under a court ordered treatment for ninety days since the last ten days. Lindsay Lohan was behind the wheels when there was a car crash last June following which she had pleaded “no contest” after having lied to the police about the car crash.

The doctors at the rehab have stopped Lohan from consuming Adderall because the drug has the effect of controlling weight. Moreover, they do not generally prescribe this medication for ADHD.

Lohan wants to be moved to another rehabilitation facility as she fears gaining weight. A source has revealed the fact that Lohan desperately wantsto continue the consumption of the psycho stimulant drug lest she puts on weight. It is this Adderall that has kept her from putting on weight despite her improper food habits.

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