Lindsay Lohan Says She Doesn’t Need to be Locked Up for Rehab

admin May 7, 2013 Comments Off on Lindsay Lohan Says She Doesn’t Need to be Locked Up for Rehab

In a candid interview recently Lindsay Lohan reacted to the latest court order for her rehab before she checked in at the Betty Ford Clinic at California. She pointed out that the time she had already spent as measures for her treatment had been ineffective.

This was the 6th time this Mean Girls actress was ordered to rehab which is a part of the plea deal for avoiding jail after her confession for lying to the police in connection to a 2013 traffic accident.

Lindsay Lohan

This incidentally violated the probation of the jewellery theft charge she had put forward.

In an interview to Piers Morgan she spoke about the visits she made for her treatment before she is sent for rehab in a few weeks. She was clear in her view that it didn’t convince her that the latest rehab measures would solve any of her problems.

She had quoted that she believed that it was nothing wrong if people tried themselves to be what they are and take time for that. She believes that staying away and being with herself alone for about 3 months would certainly do her wonders but it doesn’t mean she has to be lockdown for 3 months. According to her it is not a measure for rehabilitation.

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