Madonna Raises $7m by Auctioning Painting to Help Girls’ Education

admin May 8, 2013 Comments Off on Madonna Raises $7m by Auctioning Painting to Help Girls’ Education

An abstract painting by Fernand Leger was sold in an auction by Madonna for $7.16 million. This auctioned was conducted on Tuesday and the money raised through its sale will be used for educational projects running in Pakistan, Afghanistan and some other areas.

According to sources the painting that was painted in the year 1921 and named Trois Femmes a la Table Rouge had been valued around $7 million before the auction. The identity of the buyer was not revealed and this auction took place Modern Art sale and Sotheby’s Impressionist.


Madonna had bought this painting in the year 1990 and said that selling this painting would help in raising funds for the organization Ray of Light and show her passion of art along with it.

Ray of Light is one of the non-profit organizations that has been offering education and training to poor farmers and street children. Madonna said that she wanted every girl to be educated and she did not want to see a place where girls are shot or wounded.

Before this, Madonna had adopted two kids from Malawi and has planned to make 10 schools in that area.

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