Miley Cyrus’s Fiancé Mortified by Her VMA Performance

admin August 30, 2013 Comments Off on Miley Cyrus’s Fiancé Mortified by Her VMA Performance

With many parents, TV watchdogs and fellow celebrities openly conveying their disgust over Miley Cyrus’s performance during her VMA performance, her fiancé Liam Hemsworth has also joined them.

Miley Cyrus at VMA 2013

If you thought he was with her for her performance in latex bikini, then you are wrong. It seems, Liam is mortified by his wife-to–be’s shocking performance with Robin Thicke. You might already remember that the raunchy performance included using a foam finger, twerking and gyrating, which was worse than dancers in the nightclubs.

Liam’s friends say that the hunk boyfriend Liam care about Miley so much but he is not happy with her ghetto attitude or the racy bikini in her latest look. The pals also said that he had not expected such a performance from Miley and did not find anything sexy at all about the performance she did on stage.

His friends also added that he was determined to find a place among serious actor’s list and was embarrassed by her performance at VMA. Hope the couple kiss and make up soon. A leading parents group had also slammed Miley’s performance as sexual exploitation. The group also blamed MTV for sexually exploiting young women as it promoted sexual movements in a bikini in nude shade.

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