New Guy in Jennifer Carpenter’s Life

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Her love life on the popular TV series Dexter may be out for a toss, but actress Jennifer Carpenter found real-life love recently in the form of Seth Avett, lead singer of the group Avett Brothers. It was reported that the two started dating after being friends for years.

The actress met Seth at a concert four years back. As she loves country music and always has been a great supporter of the group, the relationship blossomed in the last few months. A source close to the couple also added that both Carpenter and Avett share a similar taste in “everything” and as of now, the relationship is at ease. Family and friends are happy for them and consider the pair to be a good match.

Jennifer Carpenter

Earlier, rumour spread that Carpenter, who was previously married to her Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall, played a pivotal role in breaking the singer’s marriage to Susan Avett. But the source explained that the relationship started only after Seth got separated from his wife.

Susan, in fact, is quite saddened with this whole episode and requested the media to respect the privacy of hers and that of her family.

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