Olivia Wilde Pregnant with Her First Child

admin October 28, 2013 Comments Off on Olivia Wilde Pregnant with Her First Child

Olivia Wilde is sporting a baby bump! The 29-year-old star of Drinking Buddies announced about her engagement to Jason Sudeikis this January and is expecting her first baby together with her fiancé.

The couple met during the finale of Saturday Night Live in 2011 season and were always open about their relationship and displayed their affection publicly. In July, Olivia while speaking about her husband-to-be, said that he had high acting skills and that she had learned a lot from him.


Some special traits he has such as taking bold decisions or risks to act in a role is so special, she added. Comedians are very creative in trying different things that they can do seven different things in seven takes and are not frightened of falling down. The 38-year-old Jason Sudeikis gushed while speaking about the love of his life while speaking to Modern Luxury Manhattan and said Wilde made him find a healthier lifestyle.

He also added that being in love and feeling happy about it is the secret. He said that he felt that he returned home as an individual who was involved in the falling in love process with the very sweetest woman he had ever known.

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