Pamela Anderson Cuts Off Her Locks And Sports A Pixie Hairstyle

admin October 31, 2013 Comments Off on Pamela Anderson Cuts Off Her Locks And Sports A Pixie Hairstyle

After Beyonce, yet another celebrity has surprised with a pixie haircut! Pamela Anderson has shocked every one by chopping off her tresses and sporting a short pixie hairstyle. It looks like Beyonce is not alone in the race of short hairstyle! The former Baywatch star has cut off her long hair and adorns a chick look with her short hairstyle.

Pamela Anderson

The new hairstyle is a part of the overall makeover of the star from head to toe. This is because the actress wore a simple and low key dress while she debuted her pixie hairstyle. The actress dressed in cardigan in cream shade, casual summer dress with stripes and teamed with black flats.

In April, the actress said that she was trying to get a modest look. The blond bombshell said that she thinks that she was in charge of toning down her look or not. She also said that she felt that as she was getting older, this toned down version of hers suits her better and she liked it too.

Well, after living two decades or more with same hairstyle of long hair, this short crop would offer a fresh feel to the actress who is aging gracefully with years.

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