Rihanna Posts Her Picture With Jennifer Lawrence In Paris

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Paris Fashion Week surely brings out many celebrities out of their shell. While some are related to fashion who can’t wait to get a glimpse of what’s new, some are not. This time two celebrities have met at Paris during the Fashion week and they are Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence. While Rihanna has flaunted an array of designer clothes for the runway shows she took part, Lawrence wore something that was more comfortable when the duo bumped in to each other during the dinner. Both of them looked great with their own stylish clothes.

On July 1st, Monday night, Rihanna had posted a photo of her along with Jennifer Lawrence in her instagram account. She has also captioned it as, “Bumped in to the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence during dinner! # Paris.”

Rihanna Jennifer Lawrence
Rihanna and Jenniffer met with each other when they were at a restaurant called L’ Avenue. When you look at the picture that Rihanna has posted you will know that Rihanna is a fan of this star of Hunger Games. Jennifer is busy with X men: Days of the future past in Canada and took off a break from the schedule to spend some time at the Fashion week as she is the “face of Dior”.

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