Swollen Feet Joke by Kim Kardashian

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is picking up everything to stay in the news. This time, it is her swollen feet (among other things) that have come to the attention of the media recently, after she posted a photo of her feet on her Instagram account.

The photo was shared so as to show the after-effects when one walks around with swollen feet all day in designer heels. She joked by asking her followers whether her feet have adopted a new Givenchy tattoo.

Swollen Feet Joke by Kim Kardashian

It showed the right foot of the star with a clear imprint from the black Givenchy heels that she was wearing that day on her skin.

But the hard-fact is that such imprints are not stopping Kim from rocking some more stilettos and pumps in the coming weeks. It was clearly proven when the expecting-mother posted a photo earlier that night of herself and the father-to-be, Kanye West. It was taken before going out on a date which showed Kim wearing a pair of rocking pumps.

It certainly goes well with the popular saying “Beauty is Pain”, but the pain is a “little” more when one is pregnant and still likes to flaunt the very best.

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