The Best Male Celebrity Hairstyles

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The best male celebrity hairstyles obviously refer to the hairstyles which are in demand and in the fashion of the common public after they were adopted by different celebrities. There is no doubt that you always want to appear smart and fashionable. A number of ways can be used in doing so like purchasing new clothes, changing hairstyles or going for a facial treatment. However, it is important to note in this respect that changing one’s hairstyle is considered to be a very familiar modification. Because people are fond of celebrities, they follow the hairstyle flaunted by their favorite celebrity.

George Clooney: Short and youthful hairstyle

George Clooney

The short and youthful hairstyle of George Clooney actually makes him look younger than his age. This hairstyle is definitely for the people who have more salt than pepper and can help in shaking things up at the right time. This new and much shorter yet classy hairstyle by George Clooney is the perfect celebrity hair cut that you should get if you have got into the habit of counting your grays or considering getting a dye job done. The short cropped back and sides will aid in focusing attention on a less gray and slightly longer top yielding amazing results.

Ryan Gosling: Short hairstyle

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, the green superhero continues being one of the most sought after male celebrities always because of the hairstyle he flaunts every time. However, there can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that he does good justice to his look with a short hairstyle. Some hair volume on top and cropped closed sides is something that gets the hairstyle creative and makes him a special guy.

Robert Pattinson: Artsy Mess

Robert Pattinson

When it comes to listing some of the trendiest celebrity hairstyles one would not forget to mention Robert Pattinson in his artsy mess. This is a style that is just perfect for boys who do not like using the various styling products available in the market and also for those who do not have this very strong desire of sacrificing their locks or length. You should definitely flaunt this style this year as it is not only trendy but also makes you look fashionable and classic.

Ed Westwick: Preppy style

Ed Westwick Preppy style

This hairstyle by Ed Westwick inspired from the Gossip Girl character in Chuck Bass is really stylish and perfectly macho. This hairstyle is just perfect for all fashion-forward and modern guys looking out for the ways on rocking the most sensuous and classic haircuts among male celebrities. This is a hairstyle that is quite versatile and can easily be transformed according to the occasion that you are attending. In order to get that ideal Hollywood look that appears super classy you can easily slick and part the hair soft, layered and fine. On the other hand, you can choose to look complete styling pomade by rendering your hair some modernism and volume. These are some of the best male celebrity hairstyles that are truly an inspiration and can change your overall look.

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