Alicia Douvall’s Ex Batters her While She Drives

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Model Alicia Douvall was attacked by her ex boyfriend while she was driving through Central London along with her 18 month old daughter.

Her former boyfriend who jumped into the car gave a punch in her face while attacking her. The unnamed ex hit her near her London home at Lancaster Gate while she was driving. She was driving along with her daughter Papaya who is 18 month old.

Alicia Douvall

The model narrated the incident saying that it was a terrifying incident and that her ex forced his way into the car. He punched following a row and her little girl who was sitting in the back seat was screaming. He got out of the car soon after Alicia pulled over and cried for help.

She also added as she was driving when it happened she was afraid that they might be killed. She also added that she had a brief dating time with that unnamed boy friend and that he could not accept that it was over. The model is already in news for all wrong reasons such as addiction to surgery and hitting the rehab for overcoming it is rumoured to be a part of the celebrity show Big Brother.

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