Healthy Looking Amanda Bynes Sports Blonde Curls

admin December 30, 2013 Comments Off on Healthy Looking Amanda Bynes Sports Blonde Curls

The actress who checked out of rehab this month looked healthy when she stepped out with her parents to do a bit of Christmas shopping last week.

With no so-good days to remember this year, it is good to see her look hale and healthy. Amanda also looked happy after the time she spent in the hospital.


Earlier this year, the actress sported dishevelled wigs while walking around New York and shaved her head while the police took mug shots of her after her arrest in May. However, after the treatment at Californian hospital where she was treated for mental illness, Amanda is now out of the hospital.

She looked happy and is living in Los Angeles with her parents at present. She looked very happy while she was shopping in the city for Christmas.

She wore grey denims, pink trainers and a jumper with pink floral design. Her long blonde hair was curled and looked good while she wore a pair of dark sunglasses to protect her from the hot sun. A statement from her lawyer stated that Amanda and her family liked to thank all those who contacted them with good wishes and thoughts for her recovery.

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