Anne Hathaway Smooches Hubby While Cradling Baby

admin January 10, 2014 Comments Off on Anne Hathaway Smooches Hubby While Cradling Baby

Anne Hathaway sure looks good with a baby in the picture along with her husband.

The actress was spotted sharing a sweet kiss with hubby Adam Shulman while wetting her legs in water during her Hawaii vacation.


The lovebirds also had a baby in between them that made the pic more adorable. No, it was not their baby and Anne is not hiding anything from you! The adorable baby is her friend’s boy who accompanied them to the Hawaii trip. The actress looks happy and in good spirits after she suffered an unfortunate injury during her getaway.

Hathaway hurt her leg when she took a dip in the sea this Wednesday and was quickly taken care by her main man. Shulman was pictured taking care of her injury such that it does not get infected or bandaged as the actress lay on the beach sand.

Later he bent down and kissed her to comfort her by bending down to make things even better. Although, the pair went for relaxation, they did not miss their exercise and went for a jog. They also enjoyed a hike this Wednesday in the picturesque location.

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