Anthea Turner Dates Millionaire Richard Farleigh in London

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Television presenter Anthea Turner looked very happy as she went on a date with Dragon’s Den millionaire in London. Anthea was beaming as her love life was revived again as she was on a date with Richard Farleigh.

She spent 3 hours during her date with the Aussie entrepreneur who has assets that are worth at least £66 million. She announced her split with her love cheat husband in June. The couple looked cosy and enjoyed each other’s company as they watched street performers and the warm weather of London as they walked across the Covent Garden.

Anthea Turner Richard Farleigh

The pair also dined at Japanese restaurant Flesh and Buns and spent about 2 hours there chatting eagerly. Yesterday while speaking at Richard’s home at West London he said that it was a friend who introduced them and also admitted that they had a good time together.

He also added that they had fun as both were single as he had split from his ex-girl friend Camilla for the past 5 years. While speaking about Anthea he said that she is a lovely lady and they talked of how it felt to be in the limelight.

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