Beyonce Reveals She Recorded 80 Songs for Self Titled Album

admin December 30, 2013 Comments Off on Beyonce Reveals She Recorded 80 Songs for Self Titled Album

Beyonce has offered more details about her surprise self-titled album, especially about the number of songs she has recorded for it.

The singer said that when she began to pick songs for the album, she gravitated towards it and recorded about 80 songs.


She also revealed that those songs were very effortless ones and she still loved those songs as she did a year ago while she recorded it. She said these details on her 3rd informational video while she talked about Part 3: Run N Gun, her album.

She also revealed that the song “Drunk in Love” was recorded when the she had a party along with her husband, Jay Z and the song was recorded with producers Timbaland and Details while they sipped a bit of Dusse while recording for it.

She added that while she free-styled the lyrics, the verse began to flow from her hubby and they had a party together. She also said that there was no ego nor they did not try to make a hit. They just had fun and she said people could feel it when they hear the song. She also gave her fans an inside look of Drunk in Love and said that it was the most organic shoot she ever made.

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