Botox Jabs for Josie Approved by NHS Bosses

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Josie Cunningham, popular for her tries with various medical procedures is all set to take up Botox jabs worth £1,500 which means she will fit the tax payers list again.

This glamorous model created flutters earlier when she flaunted £4,800 worth 36DD boobs.

Josie Cunningham

Now, the NHS bosses have agreed for further beauty treatment called Botox to stop the incidences of excess sweating. Josie would be getting Botox jabs on her forehead, armpits and upper lip four times this year which would cost £350 per session.

Josie, single mum of two, has stated that she is sure that people would be shocked and disgusted but she also said that that people would have no idea about what she is going through.

She also said that she didn’t ask for a boon to have no boobs or to be born with sweating disease. She also said that she tried everything and the only option left to try is Botox. The 23 year old suffered hyperhidrosis, a condition of excessive sweating when she gave birth to her younger son two years ago.

She also said that when she went to see her GP last year, Botox was made available first at NHS.

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