Brian Kelly And Florida Georgia Are Man And Wife!

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Its wedding bells for Brian Kelly and his country sweetheart Florida Georgia. The 28 year old crooner tied the knot with his girlfriend who is 23 year old in an outdoor ceremony at the crooner’s home at Nashville. Kelly said that the whole wedding process was a non traditional affair. There was no exchange of rings or even a proper proposal. He added that they just fell in love and he knew he could not live without her. He said though it might sound like a cheesy flick, when you find your life partner, you will know.

Brian Kelly And Florida Georgia

Cole added that when they think of their wedding, whimsical is the word that comes across their mind. Cole is a student of Psychology at University of Georgia. It was a warm wedding with good dose of fun and coziness to it. Kelly revealed the hint about the wedding through his twitter account when he said that he was settling down. When a fan praised him for dating such a beauty, the star wrote, that is why he is locking it down. Cole wore a long sleeved short dress and teamed with a feathered headband. This low-key ceremony had 30 guests and was served dinner in tapas style.

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