Brittany Murphy Poisoned?

admin November 20, 2013 Comments Off on Brittany Murphy Poisoned?

Brittany Murphy’s father is questioning the real cause that led to the star’s death even after four years since the incident.

Her dad, Angelo Bertolotti is not satisfied with the answers and reports that indicated that she died of pneumonia and anemia while she was just 32 years.


As soon as the samples regarding the hair, tissue and blood of the actor were secured, he submitted it for private testing where the results showed a possibility of poisoning. Based on the lab reports, the levels of 10 heavy metals that were tested were far more than the highest levels prescribed by WHO.

The hair samples tested were from the back of her head and the reports reveal that presence of metal levels were very high than the recommendation of WHO.

The reports also showed that even if the possibility of exposure to heavy metals is ruled out, then the only logical reason remaining would be too much exposure to toxic heavy metals that can be offered only by a third party with a criminal intention.

The report also stated that such heavy metals were only found in pesticides and insecticides. Her husband found the body of the Clueless star at her Hollywood Hills home on 20 Dec 2009.

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