Dannii Minogue in Love with Adrian Newman

admin January 6, 2014 Comments Off on Dannii Minogue in Love with Adrian Newman

The Australian beauty Dannii Minogue has found love with the rock star Adrian Newman.

The lovebirds who maintain low key profile were pictured together holding hands while strolling along the northern Beaches of Sydney after having a cup of coffee.


The 41-year-old giant singer Adrian who leads the Lovebugs, the Swiss band, is lending a helping hand to the petite singer Dannii with her music as she has git back to the studio. If they wish to take their romance even higher, 42-year-old Dannii might have to buy some heels to keep up with her boyfriend’s height!

Apart from preparing for her new music, she is being considered to make a return as the judge to X Factor. According to TV sources, Dannii is a well-known personality in UK and people at ITV feel that Dannii’s return would be a positive welcome as it would be similar to the comeback of Sharon Osbourne.

The show was a huge hit few years back and hence the organizers are expecting to add some spark to the success by roping in some new faces in the music industry. Dannii did not return to the show in 2012 as she had to take care of her son, Ethan.

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