David Beckham Pulls Out Of London Restaurant Venture

admin September 13, 2013 Comments Off on David Beckham Pulls Out Of London Restaurant Venture

David Beckham has pulled out from the much-hyped London restaurant, Union Street Café that is due to open next week. This means his pal Gordon Ramsay will have to handle it alone. With only a week due for its opening, the 38 year old footballer has pulled out of the restaurant venture which has left 46 year old Michelin starred Ramsay to go alone.

David Beckham

Sources close to them revealed that they might be best friends but are better businessmen who wanted different things. Beckham was ready to make the investment and visited the site for restaurant. But the duo had a talk for long time and have decided to go different ways regarding the restaurant.

Ramsay had earlier said about the joint project at Southwark located at South East London during February that he is excited that David wants to be a member on board and a partner of the restaurant. In addition, while on the TV show of Alan Carr, he said that there was something cool and hip waiting in the pipeline at the south of the river. The Mediterranean themed restaurant would be inaugurated on 16 September with 2500 diners with reservations within first four hours.

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