Hollywood Walk of Fame: Kate Winslet Receives the Star

admin March 18, 2014 Comments Off on Hollywood Walk of Fame: Kate Winslet Receives the Star

Kate Winslet is the latest celebrity to receive one of the most top honors of Hollywood. The 38-year-old actress has been conferred with the 2520th Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Kate made her first post-baby appearance and had a radiant look while she wore a form-fitting LBD which hugged her enviable body.


The actress was blessed with a baby boy just 3 months earlier and showed a stunning figure in the black dress. Winslet made a lighter note about the earthquake experienced by South Carolina which measured 4.4 this morning. She told the crowd that when she was ready to use the breast pump for her son, she felt the earthquake occur.

She also admitted that the shake frightened her a lot. She also added that she did not have any idea that this event would have such a crowd in attendance. Kate has been a six-time nominee for the Oscar which includes the popular film, Titanic in which she played the role of Rose opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

She finally won an Oscar in 2000 for her role in The Reader as a Nazi concentration camp guard.

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