Jane Seymour Makes a Legal Move To End Her Marriage With James Keach

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Jane Seymour is on the lookout of making her marriage end officially. The star, who has numerous films to her credit such as medicine woman and Dr.Quin filed for legal separation last week to put an end to her marriage with her husband James Keach. The pair had already revealed before 6 months that they were thinking about divorce. The court documents of 62 year old Seymour has cited that irreconcilable differences between the couple is the reason behind their split and specified “TBD” in the blanks for date of separation.

jane seymour and james keach

Jane and Keach became man and wife on 15th May 1993 and decided to separate in the beginning of this year. The couple have twins aged 17 years – Christopher and John. Jane asked for joint physical custody for her kids and did not ask for any spousal support. After the intention of the couple regarding divorce was revealed, Jane opened up about her decision this April. She said that the decision was obviously devastating and it happened some time back. She added that though they were apart, she and Keach were close as, they were open hearted and respect each other. The couple have plans to spend the rest of their lives raising their kids and contribute to Open Hearts Foundation.

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