Jennifer Lawrence on Body Image

admin December 18, 2013 Comments Off on Jennifer Lawrence on Body Image

Jennifer Lawrence has openly opined about the stay-thin standards maintained in Hollywood. This is why people love and adore her!

The Oscar winning actress had refused to become thin for a film role and was bullied for it as she fell into the “fat” category according to Hollywood standards. However she firmly believes that media needs to be blamed as it was bullying people for their body structure and she said that she loves to be a role model for having a healthy body.


The 23-year old Hunger Games actor said to Barbara Walters during the ABC News Special interview that she thought it must be made illegal to call someone fat.

The star of Silver Linings also added that she had to fight for the realistic figure look in the flick Hunger Games as she wanted to become a positive example for those young women to maintain a healthy figure.

Ultimately, the short-hair beauty won her fight in the film as Katniss with a strong and healthy look and she also expressed that bullying by the media must be stopped immediately like they do for sex, violence, cuss words and cigars.

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