John Travolta Wants to Play Villain for Next Bond Film

admin February 11, 2014 Comments Off on John Travolta Wants to Play Villain for Next Bond Film

John Travolta is not going to stop from reaching his goals in acting even after turning 60.

In a latest interview with The Telegraph, the star actor made a confession about his dream role of playing the villain in the next James Bond flick.


The former star of Saturday Night Fever said to The Telegraph during the interview recently that he would love it.

He also said that they would need a different villain for their next film and conveyed that he had spoken to Barbara Broccoli about it; she also loved it and said that it would be great.

Broccoli is the film producer who has produced a number of Bond films such as Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall that had Daniel Craig as the top secret of Britain. Whether the star’s discussion with Broccoli is true or not, his dream tends to remain the same.

The actor has also played the villain in moves including Face Off, The Punisher and Swordfish. He is also the bad man in few upcoming films such as the heist movie of this year, The Forger and John Gotti biopic.

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