Kanye West Reveals Photo of Baby North West

admin August 26, 2013 Comments Off on Kanye West Reveals Photo of Baby North West

Baby Nori has finally showed her cute little face to the long awaiting world. After two months of wait, the rapper dad Kanye West revealed the first picture of his adorable daughter North West on the Kris Jenner’s show.

north west

The picture shows adorable Nori staring at the camera with large piercing eyes and tries to reach for the camera. From the picture, it is clear that baby North resembles the dark hair of her mom Kim Kardashian that is her signature look.

The baby Nori resembles mostly like her mother as she has some stunning features like pinchable cheeks, full hair, pouting lips and super cute look. These features offer a conclusion that the baby has inherited most her mother’s looks.

While speaking about Kim and his baby, Kanye said that after the loss of his mom Donda West, there were tough times that he felt his life would become a riskier one. He also felt that there is nothing worth to live for. Now, he is happy that he has two people who are special in his life to live for. He also added he has a whole family, which is a whole world to live for.

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