Kate Moss Calls Dog Whisperer as Her Dog Archie Misbehaves

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Supermodel Kate Moss has called in the dog whisperer after her Staffie bull terrier Archie created havoc while the family was on holiday.

Kate’s pet dog has been troublesome and is behaving badly during the family’s absence. The dog’s misbehaviour has shocked the nanny so much that Kate has finally called in the dog whisperer.

Kate Moss Archie

While the 39-year-old Kate is away on a holiday to Formentera along with her 44-year-old husband and 11-year-old daughter, the dog has been displaying some signs of anxiety owing to separation.

Sources reveal that Kate’s nanny told her that the misbehaving mutt has been chewing off the carpet and is trying to free away from his hood. The source also added that Kate’s bull terrier is a high strung personality and sensitive that he is pining to be with his family. The super model was so worried about her dog’s situation that she called a dog whisperer following the advice of her Parisian model friend.

The French dog whisperer has advised Kate that she should have tried to calm him down. The pet psychologist has told her that she should have given special walks with him before she left and should be more careful next time.

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