Kate Moss Splashes £2000 to Fly Her E-Cigs from London to Spain

admin August 14, 2013 Comments Off on Kate Moss Splashes £2000 to Fly Her E-Cigs from London to Spain

Super model Kate Moss has spent huge sum of money to make her assistant get her special electronic cigarettes from her UK home.

She has spent over £2000 on a pack of e-cigs as she made her chauffer to fly to Spain to bring it from her home. The super model booked the first flight to Ibiza so that her driver can deliver it immediately.

Kate Moss

The 39-year-old model has been desperately trying to cut down the regular cigarettes she has been smoking for the past one year. However, it looks like she forgot her favourite brand while she packed to enjoy her Formentera holiday. She made a fast request to her employee to deliver her the electronic cigars by flying 850 miles to Spain.

Sources reveal that Kate has been regular smoker but she changed to electronic option, as she was worried about wrinkles and other aging signs. The model is making a big effort to cut down the cigars but craves for them during her holiday. When she knew that she forgot her e-cigarette, she tried to buy but could not find her favourite brand.

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