Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron Engaged!

admin April 2, 2014 Comments Off on Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron Engaged!

Katherine Webb was too excited when her boyfriend AJ Mccarron popped the question with a splendid ring.

The Alabama-born couple announced about their engagement through Twitter and Webb showed off her beautiful Optimum Diamonds ring with great pride, which was designed by her lover boy.


Optimum Diamonds president David Shara revealed the details about the flawless ring and explained his experience on designing the sparkler along with the hubby-to-be, McCarron.

He said that he and AJ designed Katherine’s sparkling ring for their engagement and AJ wanted a classic yet timeless design which would be able to incorporate natural diamonds of fancy shades into subtle design that can make it look very elegant.

Shara also added that AJ recommended a 5 carat diamond stone to be set in a cushion cut centre which can be accentuated with pink diamonds which were a speciality of the popular Australian diamond mine Argyle.

They then arrived at a decision to balance both antique and trendy look in the cushion cut solitaire ring. He further stated that the output was an incredible diamond set with green, pink, aqua, red and blue colored diamonds which are AJ’s and Katherine’s favourite.

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