Kylie Minogue Still Loves Ex-Boyfriend Andres Velencoso

admin January 21, 2014 Comments Off on Kylie Minogue Still Loves Ex-Boyfriend Andres Velencoso

The Voice star Kylie Minogue said that it was the persuasion by the Spanish model and ex-boy friend Andres Velencoso that made her sign the BCC1 talent show.

She also confessed that she still loves and thinks about him. Kylie also added that Andres convinced her to be a part of the very popular talent show which made her to love him and think about him even now.


The couple were in a romantic relationship for a period of 5 years before they parted ways in October last year as they were very busy with their schedules.

After the breakup, Andres began a relationship with a TV star Ursula Corbero aged 24 years who is also Spanish. The 45-year-old Kylie admitted that it was her work that made her cope up during the break up period but also added that she was very sad.

She also added that she could move on from that break up phase, as she got super busy with many new things regarding her work. She also said that she still loved Andres as he is a very nice and cool person who was one among those who said she had to do The Voice.

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