Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones Decide to Split

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Celebrity couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Zones have decided to separate after being married for 13 years.

The couple have undergone a tough time in the recent times as Michael was struggling with throat cancer while his wife Catherine had bipolar disorder.

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Sources close to the couple reveal that the impact of stress was huge in their marriage and it has taken a toll finally. There was huge speculation going around the couple that the Oscar winners were on the verge of calling off their relationship.

It was immense last night when Michael said that his throat cancer was due to his oral sex experiences with women, which had a strain on his marriage.

The actor had said without being specific that this medical condition was caused due to HPV, which was contributed by oral sex. Spokesperson of Michael had said earlier that the couple is taking some time off to make their marriage work.

One source also revealed that the marriage between the couple ended few months ago and there was no way back to the relationship. The couple have not made any public appearances after April 22nd this year.

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