Michael Keegan and Mark Wright to Tie the Knot Soon

admin October 21, 2013 Comments Off on Michael Keegan and Mark Wright to Tie the Knot Soon

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are busy these days deciding on a place where they would live together after becoming man and wife. However, people know the humorous side of Mark Wright when Michelle Keegan said that she thought Mark was joking when he proposed her.

Mark went on his one knee at a Dubai beach while he proposed to her. Corrie said yes as soon as she realized that he was serious.


The 26-year old Corrie beauty who dons a barmaid role in the ITV soap said that she first though it was all a joke but when she realized it was true, she started crying and Mark too welled up. She said that as soon as they walked further on the beach, she could see a table filled with petals and lanterns along with two glasses of champagne.

Mark said that he rang up his dad for permission and asked which knee he must put down first. His dad asked him to decide but said he thought it was the right side. However, as he loved left side, he said that he would go on his left knee. The couple are now on the hunt for their love nest to live after their traditional wedding in 2015.

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