Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande Enjoy a Romantic Meal

admin October 11, 2013 Comments Off on Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande Enjoy a Romantic Meal

American singer Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Nathan Sykes spent most of the time together while she was in London.

The singer and actress has been in UK for the promotion of her debut album an also her latest telly show. She also made sure that she spent most of the time with Nathan while she was here.


This Tuesday, the couple went to Bruno Mars concert and then enjoyed a romantic dinner at the luxury restaurant Sushisamba last night. Recently the brunette star and the baby faced actress cum singer suffered from a huge backlash caused by Janoskians fans. This was because Ariana had dated Jai, a band member who accused that the 20-year-old singer had cheated him for Nathan.

The 18-year-old Australian band mate tweeted that he was cheated and was left for another man. He also added that Nathan did not respect the relationship and interfered. He also said a message to Nathan that when he is holding Ariana’s hand, he must hold it tight, as she was his world.

He did wish them happiness together and a good life ahead and hoped everything was fine. Ariana responded to this tweet as she tweeted that she was not afraid of his lies anymore.

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