Russell Brand Gets Frisky With New Partner Jemima Khan

admin September 18, 2013 Comments Off on Russell Brand Gets Frisky With New Partner Jemima Khan

Russell Brand and his new flame Jemima Khan displayed their affection publicly at a celebrity party.  Always popular for his randy behaviour, Russell brand got frisky with his latest girl friend while they were invited to an upmarket party.

Russell Brand Jemima Khan

As expected he was on a high given that his latest flame is posh. But the saddest part is that the 38 year old Russell and Jemima Khan were told off from the party as they got frisky in a sofa at the party other week. Fellow partygoers such as Matthew Freud were shocked as they viewed when the frisky couple got in to intimate action in the party room packed with celebrities in Holland Park. The duo was told off from the party venue like a teenage couple to avoid further embarrassment. Sources reveal that Russ and Jemima were cuddled up which looked like flirting but soon got off the limits which was embarrassing.

Much sooner, they got too personal and were too passionate like teenagers. Guests at the party opined that they needed a room but at last, Mathew walked up to them and had a small talk. The incident came soon after Russell revealed his new love and declared himself as taken.

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