Selena Gomez Curses and Walks Away at KIIS Performance

admin December 9, 2013 Comments Off on Selena Gomez Curses and Walks Away at KIIS Performance

Sometimes it might be hard to hide your frustration while you are giving an onstage performance. This is what Selena Gomez experienced while her performance at the Jingle Ball of KIIS FM this Friday, 6th December in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old singer flaunted a sultry look with a strapless body suit in red and an overlay made with black lace. The pop star also wore a black bob wig and sang a first song from her hits collection. She lost her temper when they experienced few technical difficulties.


An eyewitness of the show revealed that the singer said the f—k word and was sure about hearing it clearly. According to the sources, the lights were switched off such that the moment of her cursing was not visible on the screen.

However, one could hear it very clearly as the words was uttered clearly. The source also stated that it looked like the singer was lip-synching while a track played in the background.

She was working with her earpiece while performing the first song and it was clear that something was not right. Later Selena apologized to her fans saying the sound was not working and asked if they have had a good night.

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