Britney Spears Finds Love in David Lucado

admin November 26, 2013 Comments Off on Britney Spears Finds Love in David Lucado

It looks like the pop princess Britney Spears has found her love. At a recent interview, Britney talked about her love for David Lucado, her boyfriend of nine months.

She said she is love with him and loves the fact that he is stubborn and follows his own ways. She also added that he loves being simple and she adores him as he is funny and passionate.


Brit confirmed that she met her boyfriend through few friends and also said that her dad did a background check on him. She also added that her dad was a bit crazy and loved to have lots of kids in future. However she did not confirm whether she will get married or not.

Though she is not against marriage, she said she likes to have more kids, especially twins and get married later. Lucado is a native of Virginia and was first spotted along with the pop diva in February.

The lovely couple was spotted together on Valentine’s Day this year, soon after she broke off the engagement with Jason Trawick. Source close to them reveal that the couple are spending time together and are very happy.

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