Britney Spears’ Next One Is a Personal Album

admin1 July 5, 2013 Comments Off on Britney Spears’ Next One Is a Personal Album

Britney Spears is very busy with her next album as the singer said that this album would be a revealing one. The super star also said that she is very excited to give audience the taste of her new album and that she can’t wait to share it with music lovers across the world.

Britney also said in her twitter account that it would be her most personal album that was ever made. This has triggered huge expectations amongst her eager fans.


The singer who is 31 years old has a recent release of the single, Ooh La La which is an upbeat track that would be featured in the yet to release animated sequel movie, The Smurfs 2.

Apart from working hard for her new album, the singer is also getting fit for her next show in Las Vegas which is all set to be open for the fall. She said that she is practicing yoga for 90 minutes two times per week, performing long cardio sessions thrice a week with her trainer Tony Matinez.

She also added that the performance at Vegas would not be simple as they would be huge from start to end.

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